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06 Nov

Article on Prefuse

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Article about light graffiti on Prefuse!

Check it here!

Prefuse light graffiti Jasper Geenhuizen

28 Oct

New works

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It is a little bit quiet, but I am still busy with light graffiti!

See some new pictures in the gallery !

light graffiti jasper geenhuizen sterrenwacht hooghalen

14 Jul

New upload!!

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It is a time ago, but here a new upload!

There is also still an exhibition to a not to mention date in K.I.S. in Amsterdam.
You can visit the exhibition in the center of Amsterdam

Location: K.I.S. Art gallery in Amsterdam
Street: Paleisstraat 107
Open: wendnesday to Sunday between 14:00 & 18:00



Jasper Geenhuizen Light Graffiti 2014 July

19 Mar

New works

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It's a time ago but there is a new upload!

Check the upload here

20 Jan

Article @

E-mail Print PDF (what the fuck) wrote an article about me.

Sorry only in Dutch...

Read it here...

Jasper Geenhuizen light graffiti

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